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Is your garden gets too big, the grass needs cutting and the weeds are cleared? Or does the cleaning time at home far much of your free time? Or you can not see out the windows because they are dirty '. Then we can help you! With the new bill, you get a tax credit for these services, so why not take the opportunity to get some more free time. Contact us either by phone or email and we'll book an appointment at your home so you can meet us in person. So we go through your needs for home services and see how we can help you. We have F - tax card that you need so that you can make your future tax deductions. We have insurance to cover the accident should occur. Contact Us >> then we out to you and go through your total needs. After this, we will send a quote to you.

Window cleaning
Rense window cleaning is a company with exclusively professional experts within the company. We have extensive experience in the industry and always work efficiently and carry out work on all types of window regardless of height, both inside, outside and in between. Assignments can be small or large, and both private and public. We have special agreements with the City of Gothenburg, home care services, schools, day care centers, nursing homes, etc.

Floor Care
When the floor is regularly maintained in the extension of life, are easy to clean and sounds better. It will be more economical for you and also for the property owner. We provide floor care for all types of flooring such as stone, linoleum floors, and cleaning of carpets. We deal with floor wax or polish to a shiny and smooth surface finish. We grind up the rock, wood floors and oiling wood floors to a smooth surface. We use eco-labeled chemical products to the greatest extent possible.

Affordable Cleaning
We have managed to surprise our customers with the cheapest rates in town and the best quality ever with perfect eco-friendly services. We give you all the resources and opportunities available in the large cleaning company, but with the small company personal service and flexibility. We have extensive experience in the cleaning and can provide qualitative and environmentally friendly cleaning to a sensible cost. Assignments can be small or large, and both private and public. Discrepancies, errors, injuries are reported in accordance with established procedures. We use the real working tools and eco-labeled chemical products to the greatest extent possible. Our most common cleaning tasks are: Final cleaning, office cleaning, retail cleaning, stair cleaning and house cleaning. Do not miss the state's tax credit for household services. Let us help you as your life gets a little easier. Contact us and we come out to you and go through your total needs. After this, we will send a quotation to you

Major Cleaning

Are you moving and need help with relocation cleaning? You've come to the right. Rense can offer you a complete final cleaning done entirely according House Agent’s recommendations and of course with full warranty on work performed.

Make sure that the home is empty and that the fridge and freezer are empty and off.

Remove the front of the tub / Jacuzzi so that our staff can clean under.

Existing damage must be reported before the cleaning begins, such as windows that can not open.

Want cleaning of secondary areas like balconies, outside of the windowsill, storage room, laundry room and garage, you can order it separately.

If there is an extra high ceiling, a longer ladder is available in the home for our staff.

Mopping of painted / papered walls & ceilings (dusted).

Cracked windows we don’t clean.

Emptying the ashes in the fireplace is not included.

Disassembly of electrical equipment (such as lighting, etc.) and water tap.

Window blinds are not included (order separately).

If the washer & dryer are on top of each other, we don’t move them.

If cleaning between the glass (on the oven lock) require tools and the customer is responsible for dismantling and installing the cover.

Cleaning outside the house is not included

0-70 square feet: 1400 SEK incl VAT (After deduction)

Over 70 square meters: 23.00 per sqm incl VAT (After deduction)

Under current rules RUT-deduction, you pay only half the cost of this service. The deduction is made directly on our invoice to you.

Prices above are for a normal final cleaning.

If your home is badly contaminated or dirty, the price is renegotiated.

This assessment is made of Staff's before starting work.

If you cancel later than five working days before the booked day, full amount is charged.

Payment is done within 10 days

Booked via the website, telephone or e-mail.

What are included


This is part of moving cleaning

All rooms:
Window (inside, outside and between glass)
Dusting of walls and ceilings
Cleaning closets and cabinets (inside and out)
Cleaning of floor
Cleaning the element
Cleaning of the doors.

Toilet and bathroom:
Cleaning the basin (top and bottom)
Cleaning the inside and outside WC
Cleaning the bathroom cabinet
Wiping of tubes
Cleaning the tub. In the bathtub
Cleaning the walls
Cleaning the floor drain

Cleaning the stove (top and bottom, plates, hood with filters, oven and oven)
Cleaning the sink and sink
Cleaning the tiles
Cleaning the refrigerator and freezer.
Living room, hallway and bedrooms:
View all rooms.
If you have any requests on what you want help with, these can of course be added to the list



This is not included in the removable cleaning

Land and gardening
Relocation of furniture and other equipment


This is usually part of our weekly cleaning:

All rooms:
Dusting of open space
Vacuuming and mopping of floors.
Cleaning the hob and cooker hood
Cleaning the sink and sink.
Bathroom and toilet
Cleaning the tub or shower stall
Cleaning the sink
Cleaning of WC
Trimming of mirrors
Cleaning of floor
Cleaning the tiles.
Living room, bedroom and hallway
See All Rooms:
If you have any requests on what you want help with, these can of course be added to the list